Discourse and Communication Studies

This selective 18-month Master's combines rigorous academic coursework in discourse analysis and argumentation theory with an internship to develop your communication skills in the Netherlands or abroad.

Language and argumentation

The Master's in Discourse and Communication Studies provides students with a solid theoretical and methodological foundation for understanding the way language is used for informative and argumentative purposes. You will learn how to analyse verbal communication in prevalent genres from the political, the legal, the health and the academic domain.

The programme offers insight into the verbal communication in a range of practical settings, including parliamentary debate, political speeches, legal decisions, legislative debates, drug advertisements, doctor-to-patient consultation, mediation, negotiations and academic research papers, and allows you to specialise in one type of genre. You are trained in analysing and evaluating the discourse in these genres using insights from discourse analysis, argumentation theory, rhetoric, genre theory and stylistics.

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The Master’s Discourse and Communication Studies is the right programme for you if you have a keen interest in language use, argumentation and strategies for persuasion.

Discourse and Communication Studies at the University of Amsterdam

The Discourse and Communication Studies programme offers you:

  • A unique combination of discourse analysis and argumentation theory, while maintaining a strong practical orientation that will provide you with the skills needed in a professional communications career.
  • Courses rooted in the internationally renowned approach to the study of argumentative discourse, known as 'pragma-dialectics', developed by Frans van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst.
  • Amsterdam is a vibrant and creative cultural hub with a pioneering communications and media scene.
  • An international staff of world-renowned researchers and experts to guide you during your studies.
  • An intimate and personable learning environment in which you have direct contact with our scholars.
  • An active academic community that regularly organises symposia, talks, lectures and exchanges on argumentation and communication.
  • The International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA), hosted every four years by the department.

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Degree certificate

Discourse and Communication Studies is programme of the accredited Master’s degree programme Communication and Information Studies. Upon successful completion of this programme, the student will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in Communication and Information Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA). 

MA Communication and Information Studies
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90 EC, 18 maanden

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